Fight The battle Within
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Fight The battle Within

We are living in a society filled with the ambition of wealth and Dreams, which believes that money, can bring happiness and peace. But today’s world is proving it wrong. Recently we have seen many incidents which have unveiled the real fact that money cannot buy you everything.

CASE 1 – ADOLF MERCKLE A German billionaire, a well-known industrialist, once ranked amongst 100 richest men in the world with £8.5 billion personal assets one day at 5pm put on his coat, told his wife “I have some urgent work at office” and drove his car to the nearby railway station and lay his head on the railway track and ended up his life with a suicide note to his wife and four grown-up children in which he wrote “I AM SORRY”

His wife and children provided no clues to the motive for his suicide. But his family thinks that the reason for his suicide was “Powerlessness of not being able to do anything”.

What a strange phenomenon, when the whole world thinks that money can do anything but in the case of Mr. ADOLF it did nothing just but left a burden, pain, and insecurity which lead him to death.

CASE 2 – DAVID GOODALL, 104-Year-old well known Australian Scientist recently ended his life. He applied for mercy killing. He was a lauded ecologist and botanist. He was well in health wasn’t suffering from any serious illness at his old age. But still sought to run away from life through mercy killing. The reason for this was, as he says “My Abilities have been declined over the past year or two, my eyesight over the past six years. I NO LONGER WANT TO CONTINUE LIFE. I AM HAPPY TO HAVE THE CHANCE TOMORROW TO END IT”

Mr. David Goodall had edited a 30 volume book series called Ecosystems of the World and was made a member of the Order of Australia for his scientific work.

He has traveled to Switzerland where mercy killing is allowed since 1942.

What Made Goodall chooses the path of Death at his old age? Why did a billionaire ADOLS MERCKLE suicide? Weren’t they famous, rich, well-known persons?

Yes, they were but their money, fame, and knowledge couldn’t give them a Hope afterlife or peace in their life.

They were Hopeless about life, future, and life after death? They were unable to win the battle within. They lived a good of life in worldly fighting odds of the material world, but in their soul, they failed. Most of us are in the same realm where we win a lot of fights but inside we are broken, failed and we are even unable to under the battle we are a fighting within.

*I would like to say that no money, no fame, nothing can bring you peace. It will leave you in empty and hopeless.


_Come to Jesus Christ. He promised “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid” (John 14:27)

A simple prayer can change your life._ Pray with me.

“Jesus I pray to you, I need peace in my heart and life. I am a broken and left alone person; I need your help to mend my life. Jesus I have fought my battle within but failed, Please help me so that I can win all my battle within. Take care of me and my life. Please come to my life. I accept you as my personal savior and Lord. Amen”

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